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Minh T Nguyen, Massage Therapist

Minh T Nguyen, RMT
Massage therapist

Minh has been a licensed massage therapist for almost 20 years. A recent graduate of National Institute of Wellness and Esthetics in 2016, she completed 2200 hours massage therapy program in Calgary.

Minh is also a graduate of the Toronto School of Natural Health in 1999. She also has taken many courses from the Calgary College of Holistic Health from 1997 thru to 2014.

Minh is experienced in many forms of traditional massage from Swedish relaxation, Hot Stone, Deep tissue, Trigger Point therapy, as well as Cupping and Gua Sha massage.

Gua Sha is a traditional Asian healing technique practiced with a rectangular tool which is repeatedly scraped across the skin with oil which leaves a red rash and bruising without pain, 'Gua' means scrape and 'Sha' means reddish black dots.

Minh has developed a blend of techniques making her massage unique to each client and their specific needs. She excels in finding and relieving those painful and stressful areas within muscle tissue and making them relax and stress free.

When Minh isn't serving her clients at Back to Motion she like to cook and walk her dog.

Geoff Jones, Massage therapist

Geoff Jones, RMT
Massage therapist

Geoff is a native Calgarian who graduated from the Mount Royal University Massage Therapy Program in 2005. Geoff first expressed an interest in Massage Therapy during his sports medicine courses in high school which was a natural transition as he endured many sports related injuries while playing hockey and soccer in his younger years.

Since graduating Geoff has spent time improving his massage and stretching techniques in the treatment and rehabilitation of chronic soft tissue injuries. He specializes in deep tissue massage, repetitive strain injuries, motor vehicle accidents, migraine/headache relief, chronic pain relief and TMJ.

Geoff also educates his patients in the prevention of their injuries and offers treatments to further enhance their recovery with a combination of various ice, heating and stretching techniques.

Geoff looks forward to working with the staff at Back to Motion and welcoming any new and old clients to his new location.

Ramon Calderon, Massage therapist

Ramon Calderon, RMT
Massage therapist

Ramon graduated from ABM College with 2,200 hours of training. He spend time to studying physiology and anatomy to learn more about the structure of the body and how it works. This is one reason he enjoys working at the clinic, because to help and treat people, ease their pain, as well as improve and maintain balance for a pain-free body.

Ramon works in a clinic at ABM College where he learn how to interact and treat children, the elderly, pregnant people, those with chronic diseases. There he continues to improve his massage and stretching technique. He also works to educate his patients in the preventing injuries, and offers treatments to further enhance their recovery with a combination of various ice, heating and stretching techniques.

Ramon specializes in traditional massage from Swedish relaxation, Therapeutic Deep tissue, Trigger Point therapy, Whiplash treatment, Migraine/headache relief and chronic pain relief. Ramon is willing to learn more about massage technique to treat and to help people.

Ramon believe that being massage therapist is more than just a job, because it gives him the opportunity to help people. He also believe that massage is essential in maintaining health and improve the quality of life to achieve pain free and stress free living.

In his spear time, Ramon enjoys watching movies or television shows, playing video games on computer, hanging out with family or friends. And he is a coffee lover!

Blanch Bradshaw, Massage therapist

Blanch Bradshaw, RMT
Massage therapist

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